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Our hands are one of the markers (like a neck with a décolleté, earlobes), by which it is very easy to understand that the 18th birthday is long over. It is on the hands at the first meeting with a person that our gaze falls consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, it must be remembered that the aging of the skin of the hands begins earlier than the aging of the skin of the face. This happens because the skin of the hands is very thin: just like the skin around the eyes and on the neck, it is almost devoid of a layer of subcutaneous tissue, which produces a sufficient layer of fatty film that protects the skin from numerous destructive external factors. In addition, such a film prevents moisture loss, which becomes a natural protection against the appearance of wrinkles. There is practically no such protective film on the hands.

In addition, after 25 years in the human body, the processes of skin renewal begin to slow down: the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for firmness and elasticity, decreases. At the same time, blood circulation throughout the body slows down, which provokes difficulty in skin "breathing" and, accordingly, nutrition, skin. Gradually, the skin becomes more rough and flabby. In addition, over time, veins and vessels shine through the surface layer, tendons are contoured.

Age-related age spots are added, resulting from the thinning of the basement membrane that separates the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) from the dermis (the underlying layer of the skin). As a result, the pigment embedded in the deep layers of the skin begins to appear on the surface, unevenly forming age spots.

Cosmetic plastic hand surgery is able to get rid of the entire complex of age-related problems, restore skin elasticity, and improve the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

What problems does hand plastics fight?

With the help of injections and hardware procedures, you can solve problems such as:

1. loss of fatty tissue;

2. hyperpigmentation;

3. thinning and dry skin, decreased elasticity;

4. wrinkles and folds;

5. photoaging, roughness;

6. grayish or yellowish tint;

7. contouring of superficial veins.

The best hand skin rejuvenation techniques.

The emergence of the newest injection and hardware techniques, as well as the creation of fillers designed to solve the problems of the aging dermis, have made hand skin improvement a simple and affordable procedure.


Biorevitalization is the easiest and fastest way to correct age-related disorders. The procedure delivers hyaluronic acid to the deep layers of the skin, thereby providing long-term hydration and protection. Deep hydration of the dermis improves tone, slows down aging processes, improves the color and structure of tissues, and also removes small wrinkles and folds.

In addition, the procedure has a complex healing effect: it stimulates the production of its own hyaluronate, improves the regeneration of the intercellular space and protects the skin from the effects of antioxidants.

Biorevitalization is often prescribed as a preparation for chemical peeling, fractional photothermolysis, IPL and during the recovery period after them.

Who is the procedure indicated for?

Hyaluronic acid injections have no age restrictions. They are indicated when the first signs of dryness and lethargy appear.


A procedure similar to biorevitalization, but not only hyaluronic acid is used as injections, but a whole range of nutrients.

Competently selected drugs for mesotherapy or a cocktail of them help to eliminate a lot of cosmetic problems: dry skin of the hands, folds, wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity.

In addition, the procedure provides good tissue tightening, and also has a bright healing and antioxidant effect.

Injections will relieve hyperpigmentation and small scars, tighten the skin, restore a healthy color and an even tone. Often, mesotherapy is prescribed for the treatment of dermatological diseases on the hands - focal neurodermatitis, eczema, keratosis, nail dystrophy.

For those who are afraid of injections, there is non-injection mesotherapy. It is no less effective than the classic version, but requires more procedures.

The result lasts for six months. It can be prolonged by taking a second course or performing a series of supporting sessions once a month.

Who is the procedure recommended for?

Mesotherapy also has no age restrictions. It is ideal for patients with dry and loose skin of the hands, covered with wrinkles and folds.

Hand contouring

The procedure helps to restore the lost volume, smooth out protruding veins, and give the brushes a pleasant roundness. The technique is based on the subcutaneous injection of fillers with hyaluronic acid.

Since hyaluronate is a natural component of the human body, there are practically no allergic reactions to the procedure. For the introduction of fillers under the skin of the hands, atraumatic cannulas are used - surgical needles in the form of a soft tube, which allow the rejuvenation procedure to be carried out without pain and to prevent the appearance of hematomas.

Modern preparations for contour plastics - fillers Radies (Germany) - have already proven their indispensability for the return of volume and extraordinary velvety to the skin of the hands.

Radies, consisting of a mineral related to the human body - calcium hydroxyapatite, has a wonderful property to launch powerful processes for the production of its own collagen: the skin becomes dense and taut - without a single wrinkle.

It is this property that makes hand skin rejuvenation with the help of Radies very effective and durable: the skin on the hands after Radies' injections will look perfect for more than 2 years. An important advantage of the drug is its 100% biocompatibility with the human body. Thanks to this feature, a preliminary allergy test is not required.

90% of patients who underwent Radiesom hand rejuvenation were satisfied with the results of the procedure immediately after it, and 93% - within 12 weeks after.

Who is the procedure recommended for?

Injection plastic is suitable for people who have little subcutaneous fat on their hands due to natural or age-related changes.

Laser therapy for hands.

The basis of laser fractional thermolysis is the effect on the skin of high temperatures. But you shouldn't be afraid of the procedure. The laser beam penetrates into the deep layers of the dermis, and the upper layer - the epidermis - is not damaged. There is no pain either.

The procedure smoothes wrinkles, evens out skin tone, tightens and renews tissues. With the help of a scattered laser beam, spider veins, hemangiomas, pronounced foci of hyperpigmentation can be eliminated.

Modern fractional apparatus allow thermolysis to be carried out with the highest accuracy. At the same time, the effect on the skin of the hands is very gentle, and the result remains for many years.

Who is the procedure recommended for?

Laser thermolysis is usually performed for aesthetic reasons: with defects such as flabbiness of the skin of the hands, wrinkles, furrows; photoaging; scars and scars after injuries, burns, operations; age spots, including age spots.

PRP therapy

PRP therapy involves injecting your own, purified and platelet-rich plasma into your hands. This therapeutic and rejuvenating procedure has enormous potential - it is able to activate all the forces of the body, which will begin to fight the natural causes of aging.

Platelet-enriched plasma provides a powerful rejuvenating stimulus to the body, ensures the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

Who is the procedure recommended for?

PRP therapy will be useful to everyone who wants to get rid of the first signs of aging, tighten and improve the dermis, restore firmness and elasticity.

Enriched plasma is often used to reduce the severity of non-colloid scars and scars, to eliminate light pigmentation and freckles.


Peeling involves removing the upper layer of the epidermis from the hands. The procedure starts the process of cell renewal, rejuvenates and tightens tissues, restores softness and smoothness.

The rejuvenating effect of peeling is quite persistent: the surface of the skin is smoothed, wrinkles and spots disappear, brushes acquire a healthy color and smoothness.

Who is the procedure recommended for?

Light exfoliation with lactic, glycolic or salicylic acids is used to remove unevenness and even out skin color. The procedure is suitable for young people with an initial process of withering of the dermis of the hands.

For more mature patients with flaccid and flabby skin and signs of photoaging, median peels are recommended - treatment with trichloroacetic acid will smooth out scars and roughness, eliminate pigmentation, and renew the upper layer of the epidermis

Paraffin wraps

The main effect of paraffin therapy is to moisturize the skin. So, with paraffin application, deep uniform heating of all tissues takes place, metabolic processes in cells are accelerated, lipid destruction is stimulated and skin smoothing. In problem areas, liquid stagnates, which prevents the removal of toxins. The hot paraffin forces the liquid together with the decomposition products dissolved in it to come to the surface. Due to the fact that the released sweat does not evaporate due to the paraffin shell, water is absorbed back, and toxins remain on the surface. As a result, the skin does not dry out like in a sauna, but on the contrary - it is moisturized, smoothed and tightened. Such intense hydration well restores the moisture balance of the skin, preventing its aging. In addition, when exposed to heat, the blood supply to the skin is improved, which contributes to the restoration of the skin structure.

Paraffin hand wraps can eliminate dryness, flaking, redness. During the procedure, active healing of microcracks occurs, the skin becomes smooth and tender. Pens after paraffin therapy will look much younger. And to all other advantages, this procedure is very pleasant - after it the mood rises, endorphins are produced - hormones of happiness.

There are options for paraffin therapy with various additives, for example, with brown algae. Sometimes they add a few drops of aromatic essential oils to the heated paraffin, which not only add an extraordinary aroma, but also strengthen and smooth the skin.

A special relaxing and toning massage for the hands will help to consolidate the effect of paraffin therapy.

Who is the procedure indicated for?

There is no age limit for paraffin therapy. With this procedure, you can cleanse the top layer of the skin from the keratinized epidermis, dust particles, any external contamination that clogs the pores. As a result, the outflow of lymph is activated, which helps to improve skin nutrition. Ultimately, the skin becomes firm, elastic, velvety, acquires a vibrant color.

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